Sunday, July 23, 2006

Way to go Tiger and Chris!!

I really enjoyed watching the final two rounds of the Open this weekend. Tiger really put on a clinic for many of the world's finest golfers. I can't believe he played so well and only used his driver on 1 hole for the WHOLE DAMN TOURNAMENT. Really fantastic performance.

Also, I am not ashamed to admit that when Tiger sunk his final put on 18 and let his emotions fly with both his caddie and wife I was moved to tears as well. He may be a golf god, but that display of raw emotion proves he truly is HUMAN.

I suppose there really is something to the calm and quiet confidence one is capable of feeling immediately after the passing of a parent. For me, I liken it to the "10th man" that sports people like to comment about. It is a special presence that hopefully guides one to victory. It certainly did for both Tiger and Chris DiMarco.

Well done gentlemen for shining in the midst of such deep sorrow.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Buzzed ramblings.....

Ok, my sincerest apologies for the lack of posts of late. Basically, I have been adjusting to the new job (I really like this one!!) and also just getting lazy with the blog. Anyway, c'est la vie, right!!

I was hoping to spend this evening with an old friend, but here I am consuming a couple of B&B old specialty of mine from the bartending days....good stuff....

Anyway, I am bored and lonely tonight. Not a good combo with the alchy on board, right?? I am playing every CD and record (yes, I still have a NICE vinyl collection) in my collection. I am singing along with Mel Torme right now. I think he is a little out-of-tune....

Well, as the Italians are want to say, Cent'anne!!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Unofficial vacations rock!!!

Gotta love an unplanned vacation, folks!! You see I dropped the resignation bomb on Friday, and my "very professional" (NOT!!) boss ranted and raved and actually tried to terminate me instead. I told her to pound sand and she could consider my resignation effective immediately (instead of the customary two weeks notice I gave in writing.) So, I packed up my shit and blew that joint like it was contaminated!! It was really fun knowing that she could never get the best of me while looking like a total ass in front of the President of the company who incidentally came to my office to apologize for the antics of my nut-job boss before I departed.

Anyway, so here I am on a Thursday blogging from home. I haven't accomplished that much this week except for some R/R and some various neglected house chores. I officially start my new local government job on June 1st, so I have almost two full weeks more of my "vacation" ahead of me!

Maybe I should teach a course in how to resign.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Two is better than one, right??

Well, here I am with not one but TWO competing offers in less than a week!! I just about dropped dead on the phone when I got a call yesterday afternoon from Job #1 with their offer. Now, I am definitely going to accept this offer even though their offer is slighty lower than Job #2. Having said that, I feel the benefits and lesser commute help to offset this discrepancy. Plus, this position equals big-time job security safely within the friendly confines of my local government. I am very happy about this part most of all!

Ok, so now I am tasked with writing both a resignation letter from my current job (hooray!!) and a declination letter of the offer from Job #2 that I tentatively accepted earlier this week. I feel kinda bad about renegging on this offer, but that's life in the frenetic world of the job search.

Also, I have another doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I am only working a half-day today. Wish I could go play golf instead, but any way out of this office (or any office) especially on a Friday is a very good thing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Under the weather

I've been a little under the weather this week with stomach trouble and general fatigue. I think some of this can be attributed to stress. Hopefully, things will clear up soon.

Also, had the job interview with #1 yesterday morning. It went very well, and I think they are really interested. Should know something definite by the end of the month.

Job #2 did come back with a decent offer at the end of last week, so I am going to tentatively accept it with a July starting date and just wait on #1. I truly think #1 would be a better long-term fit for me. Needless to say, I hope and pray I get Job#1, even though I know I am playing around with Job #2. That's life though.

Till then, I just have to keep on truckin'.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

RIP Earl Woods

You became a legend by creating one. Condolences to Tiger and the rest of the Woods family.

One good thing led to another....

Ok, I want to preface my remarks by saying that I am NOT really complaining about this situation.

Here I am with one very good job opportunity on the horizon when all of a sudden ANOTHER equally interesting job opportunity comes up this morning. Yes, I have actually solicited some interest from my local government. I am going to interview for a position next Tuesday morning. Please keep your fingers crossed yet again for me. Here is a brief comparison:


This time, I feel as if the work/life benefits are easier to quantify here. If I were to get this job, it would mean transitioning into a different field (more interesting than my Federal client), my commute would be miniscule (to Annapolis), and there would be a pension waiting for me at the end of the rainbow. The final factor wasn't so important to me before I got married and pondered children, but now this is important. Also, there is some field work involved, so I would be out of the office at least occasionally. Ok, so you see why I am torn here. First interview next week.


The other possibility is with a private consulting firm in Baltimore. I HATE driving the beltway just as much as driving through downtown Baltimore. However, this organization seems to have its shit together as they have been awarded a ton of contracts lately, and there are a lot of PhD's on the payroll. In short, these folks are up and coming and I know it would be cool to work on some of their contracts. But, would that be too similar to what I am doing RIGHT NOW. I hate being tied to this desk. I have interviewed with them twice, and they are checking my references as I type this. An offer is probably coming before the week is over.

All I can do right now is stall the process on Job 2, and wait for things to pick up on Job 1. Of course, Job 1's hiring process may turn out to be painfully slow because we are dealing with local government here. I guess only time will tell.

The bottom line is I hope this job search is the LAST for quite some time. This whole process just takes too much mental energy. I really want to pick a WINNER for a change. I am praying that I choose wisely.
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